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Four Fuss-Free Ways to Transform Your Outside Space

ruth crilly outdoor room tips

The sun is shining: catch it as long as you can because it’s probably only for a limited time. Not like last year, also known as the best summer in history. (At least for those of us who were born after 1976. Those who were here in 1976 like to harp over how The was the best summer in history, as if it were a kind of top trumps heatwave.)

Is your garden a little lackluster? Is your rooftop filled with broken chairs and an old dresser that you need to carry down so you can drive to the top? Is your once sweet inner courtyard really just a dog’s loo? If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then read on. I have some incredibly fast and easy ways to transform your outdoor space.

None of the following ideas requires electricians, builders, landscapers, or even some kind of manual labor. Just click, buy and spice up the outdoor area. Immediate improvement and – if you rent – everything can be transported to your next home when you move. Hooray!

Easy lighting

We did construction work (fake punishment) and the electrician asked if we wanted cables to be laid through the floor to accentuate the lights on the trees and / or the iron giant Barry. It sounded like a royal pain to me, so I started exploring solar lights. Not the shit you get in the well-known supermarket chains, but the right bulbs with large solar panels that – when charged – can keep up with the power of a mains powered lamp. I just bought this to light Barry the Giant, but I go back in to dramatically illuminate my massive beech trees and make it look like I’m living in a fancy place.

solar powered garden spotlights

Seriously, you can create beautiful outdoor spaces with the right lighting – places where you want to have fun with a glass of wine and a chat. And I think solar lighting is smart because it’s automatically “on” when the sun goes down, which means your outdoor space seduces you and keeps reminding you that it’s there. I love those Garland lights from the Solar Center,

Outdoor garden room

Just add a small bench and some pillows and you have an extra living room.

Seashell seat cushion

Garden Fame Sea Shell Seat Cushion

Speaking of pillows – how clever are these? Water-repellent luxury upholstery that, when placed on a chair or a bench, forms a beautiful shell seat.

Garden Fame Sea Shell Seat Cushion

It’s the kind of cool mood and kitsch that really appeals to me, and I love the fact that you can spice up a boring metal chair and turn it into something fabulous. These are from the innovative Garden Glory brand and are available from Amara Here*. If you are a new Amara customer you will normally receive a 20 € discount on your first order. So look out for the popup form.

Windows in another world

Would you like to create a portal in another universe? Or at least give the impression of more space or another (identical) part of the garden directly behind your back wall? Then garden mirrors are your friend. They reflect the light, they have the whole atmosphere indoors and outdoors and they make smaller areas seem more spacious. I especially like mirrors that look like windows – I might have to snap it shut with shutters for the wall next to my fig tree!

Exterior mirror window with lock

At Cox & Cox you will find a good selection of exterior mirrors Here* – the roller shutter mirror is Here*.

Al Fresco Sleep

Outdoor garden room

A mattress in the open air – where has an earth these was my whole life I saw it Rosie London’s blog and could not believe what a great idea it was; If you hate sunbeds and find them bulky and awkward, this is certainly the best alternative. It’s actually a duvet, but a double and I’ve never thought of using one as a mattress right on the floor. A world that is not on a picnic blanket that is easier to store than a sunbed (you could brush it off and put it under your proper bed for the winter months). If you have a lawn to lie on, it looks casually inviting but with an ultra-chic edge. You can find it at Cox & Cox Here* – I searched for budget alternatives but did not find any that I really liked. Suggestions below in comments if you see any on your online trips!

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