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I Haven’t Just Been Lounging About, You Know…

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It might seem like I’m a little bit absent right now – here, on Instagram, on Youtube, on Twitter, if anyone else uses Twitter – and not because I was out in the garden and nestling The Sun. That’s because, head down, I try to follow my own advice Just do one thing,

Full Disclosure: It’s not my own advice, but the advice of Gary Keller in his book The one thingbut it’s a rule I’ve been trying to live on since I skimmed the first few chapters and got bored a bit. The core of the book is that you accomplish more by focusing on one thing for a period of time and ignoring all other distractions. And with your one thing you can really be specific; Write a letter to the local council about the new trash cans, clean the toilet downstairs, finish the last eight chapters of a novel, work out the last four bars of the piano concerto you have composed, create the meal plans for the week, and find the missing handle from the kitchen drawers. Any of the above, but not all of them, That is the point. Choose one and do nothing else. Do not get discouraged, do not go over, do not collect 200 pounds, and then sign up to ASOS to see if your desired flower shirt has gone on sale. (Cue five hours to build yourself a new fantasy capsule wardrobe.)

When I read through my own blog posts, I see that I’ve written about The One Thing before. post Office Here, But I wrote this oh-so-smart guide to “getting things done” in August 2013, to babies, to the mind, to the obsession of always having too many projects on the way. If I then look at my life, in which all time was my own and I was always annoyed when it was a hot day, because I had to sit and work indoors and sit outside and sunbathe, I can not believe how deliciously free and easy it was. If I wanted to tinker with the website code by 3am (and that was the case most of the time), take a long nap in the afternoon (most days), or call a day earlier and go to the pub, I could.

Concentrate and do it – 2013

Now I have to give at least a week’s notice if I want to visit a pub. And if I’m not in bed by ten, then I know there’ll be trouble the next morning, especially when the first little cries of “Mama” start at 5:30. A hot day means very little, because there is no other choice: if it’s a working day, then I work, if it is not, then I’m probably in the middle of the trampoline and “flung” by two very small people and make me Make sure they land on me and break my spleen / lung and / or crack one of my ribs.

Ruth Crilly holiday

Now it’s so much better, do not get me wrong, but now it’s more important than ever to focus on the one thing – in the midst of all the chaos and extra things I have not done yet.

To summarize a very long and torturously boring story, I focused on starting my app “The Night Feed”. If you missed my preamble, HereThen I’ll contact you: It’s an app for tired, bored, lonely and / or stressed people feeding a baby at night. Or just at night with a baby or at night with a child – or at the touch of a button and because I hate to exclude someone at night with a partner who does not stop snoring. Each of these people may appreciate high-quality (amusing) content in the middle of the night, so The Night Feed is an app for everyone.

But it’s more than an app, it’s a place. It is more than a place, it is a community. And if you hate places and hate people, this is more than that, because it has handy tools that are invaluable when you get up at night to feed a new baby. A feeding timer that records how much of a bottle the baby had or what breast you last fed. Sleep sounds lull everyone back into the land of pitching; Expert Q & A sessions that cover everything from sleep problems to postpartum physical problems …

And that, before you even read the (very funny) features or shopped for important baby items or notified your new friends or participated in the book club discussions. Angry. I mean, it’s a full time job on the app, let alone build.

Ruth Crilly blog in Greece

Here I was. And The Night Feed is coming soon. I hope that it will give many a pleasure, even those who do not necessarily use the feed timer or the sleep sounds. You’ll get a lot of attention when it’s ready to start, and I expect to do something good for my regular readers because none of them would be possible without you.

Watch this room for – ooh – a week or so more. Big things happen right away! But now back to the grindstone. I had an hour in the sun because I could not resist the deckchair that had been packed in the secret garden (the construction workers are on the roof, so I need it somewhere hide, but it’s almost impossible to see a laptop screen in this kind of light, so I’m back, write this, google laptop sun visors (it seems like a thing) and test the messaging feature my app. Only one thing then …

Disclaimer: None of the photos above is current. I just wanted a lot of pictures hanging around and obviously that has not happened for at least four years!

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