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Life Update: The Prehistoric Printer

Ruth Crilly Life Update

Oh, the shame, the shame: For the first time I have to postpone my life update and Not Do it on the right day. (Third of the month.) I hope that the sky does not fall or that we do not get a plague of poisonous frogs, because I am very superstitious, that my life updates are on time, but the fact that I write this under the title “Life Update” It must, in a sense, contribute to satisfying the nonexistent, completely imaginative gods of order and punctuality.

I’m actually shaking with stress, the truth is; My habit of overeating has reached its peak. Besides, I have to get out and not get back in time to write my life update later and even later these A small pathetic (probably unnecessary) explanation is devoured in the time I had reserved for doing six different important administrative tasks. As it stands, I leave the house only with my lower half dressed (pretty look for you) and a part of a chewed cherry, which is in my hair.

Avid followers will know that I’m launching an app. those in my closest social group will also know that I have another new project in the works. Crazy, yes, but true. And it’s in a bureaucratic state that almost shakes me with rage: If I get another e-mail with a spell Please print, sign, scan and send the following then I’ll probably have to take a sledgehammer with me on my laptop.

Do not live these people in the same decade or even Dimensions like the rest of us? Why do you think they have to print? something is acceptable? It’s like this … 1993! This is probably the year my printer was made, with its ink cartridges costing about eighty pounds per pound and only printing about twelve A4 sheets before they are empty again. And yes, I know you can tag the PDFs on your computer and sign them with your trackpad, but to be honest, I find that just as cumbersome and it annoys me that my signature looks like it’s from a squirrel Speed ​​was created. with a whiteboard marker.

Just no.

Send me a document. It’s 2019. Besides, we’re trying to reduce pointless paper use, right? What’s more wasteful than a lot of forms that nobody needs on paper anyway?

Ooh, scold – I have to return to my Prototype Epson before it’s jammed again – if the paper is not loaded at 8:23 pm on the night of a full moon, it tends to use a gloved hand sprayed with jasmine oil You on the Wonk and then the entire copy is bevelled on the page. And that is the least failure.

I’ll be back with the right life update, though I think I’ve given you a good idea of ​​my current state of mind! Maybe I leave it at that …

PS: Photo is over a year old. I knew that one day I would have to throw a “stressed out look at my computer”. Hooray! It should be a post about what to do if you have bad internet, but I never got around to writing it. The story of my life.

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