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Makeup Hack for a Perfect Cupid’s Bow

Reaching the perfect amorphous begins with a solid lip liner, From vampire lips to one bright pink poutThe Lip Liner forms the basis for the look you want to achieve. You could think Apply Lip Liner It's a breeze, but if you have not tried our fool-proof, expert-approved method, you've missed it. With this beauty hack you have undeniably uniform application and every time a perfect cupola.


For this short tutorial you only need two elements: the lipstick and the lipstick of your choice. We like Maybelline New York Lip Studio Prallers Please Lipstick in All Access and NYX Professional Suede Matte Lip Liner in Clinger,

STEP 1: Make an X

Once you have found the bow of your Cupid, start at the highest point of your natural lip and draw a straight line that extends down from that point. Repeat this on the other side of your upper lip to get an X.


STEP 2: Define the lower lip

The exact center of your lower lip is just below the X just created. Make the next line above that point to define your lower lip. From here, uniformity is ensured via the lips.


STEP 3: Make two vs

Part your lips slightly and draw a side V that connects your upper and lower lip at both corners of your mouth. This will ensure that your lipstick does not move beyond this point.


STEP 4: Connect the wires

Join the lines you made in steps one through three with a short pencil stroke. For a clean application, hold the pen upright and flat against the lip, with the tip of the carrier facing up.


STEP 5: Finish and apply lipstick

Complete your perfect cupola with a smudge lipstick or a dash of lip gloss. You immediately see how accurate the lip color is.


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