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Multiple Pastel Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Pastel liner is one of our favorite eye makeup products because it's so colorful if you please. To pay tribute to our love for the product and to celebrate a new way to wear itwe are challenged makeup artist Anne Kohlhagen to add a whole lot more to pastel liners, and needless to say, she delivered. Ahead, learn how to master the multiple pastel liner look in just three easy steps.

STEP 1: Pick Your Product

According to Kohlhagen, the trick to mastering a pastel liner is all in the product you choose to use. "You can either use an opaque, soft cabbage pencil or full color liquid liner," she says. We recommend using a bright, soft liner like the NYX Professional Makeup Off Tropic Pro Liner, or if you opt for liquid, the NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liner.

STEP 2: Leave Blanks

When applying this multi-layered look, start by creating one break in your first swoop. "You want to draw one line at a time, and make sure to leave areas of the naked eye so that you can see each individual line," says Kohlhagen. So keep in mind that each line should follow the same, winged-out shape, which makes the colors easier and cleaner to layer. After your first line is done, overlap two more similar shapes, crossing over at the middle break you created in your first line. You can let the outer winged-out portion overlap as much as you please.

STEP 3: Set With Liquid

Make sure to set up a pencil liner with a liquid counterpart. Kohlhagen notes. "This is where liquid liner really helps because once it sets, any additional layers you put on top will go seamlessly and will not bleed," Kohlhagen notes. The liquid liner finish will thus ensure that the look loads every day or night, and it wants to prevent breathing.

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