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Ruth Tries (Multiple) Trends | A Model Recommends

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Just a quick question: Last week, I made a lot of fashion photos for Instagram stories, loved them all, and realized that they were wasted on a platform that makes things disappear forever after just twenty-four hours, making them permanent Have room for all eternity. Or at least for a few hundred years.

God, imagine someone reading the 2119. At school. Imagine it is on the syllabus as a historical text! “Crilly was widely considered Shakespeare of her time. When you turn to page 154, you’ll see a whole function she’s written about People who put objects in different openings, At that time, this piece was considered a work of art of contemporary art. Of course, none of us can write now because we spend too much time in our reality TV headsets and just ask Alexa if we need anything, but if we continue on pages 155-176 we can see more of Crilly’s genius and a vicarious life lead their great words. “

Where was I? Fashion. There are some great sales on, but my most visited is always the hush sale. I got some movie outfits, but I just went in and bought a lot of stuff that I suddenly knew was incredibly useful. And some things that were so reduced that I could not resist how this camouflage skirt* for £ 25.

Shop the Hush Sale …*

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Some of the articles I’ve included for my Instagram stories are on sale, others are in the current collection and will not be reduced. I’ll put the details under each section if something strikes. I feel that some of these images should have been included in my category “Ruth Tries Trends”. We have shorts with a jacket, camo print with lace … next time maybe.

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

I also want to draw your attention to my wooden shoes. They sound very impractical, but are actually quite comfortable, considering that you basically go to tree stump blocks. They have a pronounced “summer of love” volume and leave everything you wear (pretty much) with it look like it came from Chloe. I mean, do not test that statement to the limit – it’s not a challenge – if you were wearing the clogs with a day suit and a top hat, that would be obvious U.N-Chloe. But flowing clothes, jeans and a huge pair of sunglasses all fit very well.

You can find the shoes in the office Here* – They were £ 65 and I have worn them often, so already excellent value for money. They also make my feet look slender and tanned. It helps that I had a gel pedicure, but there is some brown leather that makes you look – well browned.

This should be a short and sweet post with many photos, and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. So let’s take a look at some clothes and the nonexistent trends that I basically invented because I could not think of anything. Better post title.

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Top with camo

Right, that’s been around for ages and it never gets old. It is a version of “Parka with a chic dress”. something feminine and rather roughened with a military green and stiff fabric. I have to say that the dress is incredibly pretty in itself, I felt like an old-fashioned milkmaid, but one with a sexy secret, and the camouflage jacket is a handy little thing that would probably get you through to mid-autumn.

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion


Office wood high heels* £ 65

Joline lace dress, £ 89 *

Camo military jacket, £ 75 to £ 50 *

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Shorts with jacket

It’s a kind of statement to wear shorts with a jacket, right? It is especially a statement if you have a vest or a sweater and Jacket on the top half and then bare legs. What do you say with this statement? Look at my legs! Sometimes it is necessary, especially if you have just applied a load of Vita Liberata Body Blur * on them and suddenly they look like they belong to a person who is eating macrobiotic food and lives their life on the beach. (Nearly.)

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Side note: I think if I needed to pick a summer beauty staple, it would have to be a blur. Every time I use it, someone comments on my legs. Ask how I get her so radiant and smooth. I wonder if I was on vacation. Even if they are stubby and pale, the surface texture makes people think I have vacation legs.

No, Patricia, everything is wrong!

You can find body blur Here* – I use the shadow Bar and I have to say that it’s pretty shocking when you first apply – it looks very dark. Latte light It suits me better, but I think it’s in my car glove box. (Do not ask.) If you were incredibly fair, I would choose the one called Cafe cream used to be and there it is Latte Dark and mocha, You can find them all Here* and around Feel Unique*.

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

The Chinoshorts that I wear are so comfortable. I do not get along well with shorts, they never have the right balance between leg and waist. So if I get them big enough to take my waist, the legs and butt are gaping and loose. If I get a good fit on my legs and butt, I have to put my stomach in the waistband. This: perfect relationship, and they are not even elastic! You can find the chino shorts Here*.


Vita Liberata Body Blur in Latte Light*

Chino Shorts, £ 45 *

Happy sweater, £ 79 to £ 55 *

Joyce jacket, £ 75 *

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Too short pants

OK, I know that’s not a trend, it’s just a sort of pants length – cut off – but I’ve never tried it that way before. I’ve always thought shorts look stupid (and still mostly do when it comes to leggings), but in reality they can be quite flattering. Knuckles almost always look good-neat and slender-and if they are uncovered like a naughty Victorian seductress, that can only mean great things.

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

I do not know why these particular cut-off chinos are referred to as girlfriend-chinos. should it be those who borrowed from your girlfriend or who you would wear if you did are a girlfriend? Who knows! The same goes for “Mom” jeans to the Mothers or from Mothers? And what about Boyf? You know what? I will stop now.

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

Love the bright pink love t-shirt with the simple black chinos. Maybe I have to add that pink chinos* Add to my cart, though I warn you that the Chino (UK 12) the same size as the cargo shorts has a much smaller waistband. It’s a little annoying for me, in places that should not be annoying, but that’s exactly what we pay for having eight giant meringues in one sitting while we watch the second season of Big little lies,


Girlfriend Chinos, £ 75 *

Love Tee, £ 35 to £ 30 *

Hever linen trainer, £ 38 *

Ruth Crilly Hush Fashion

A note on the canvas sneakers: I think it’s good that the stripes make these from simple linen shoes to something a bit funkierem. Plimsoll Plus. So far, I’ve managed to keep them whitewashed for over two days in London, but we all know that only one child / dog / cat is needed to decide to stand on their feet and everything will be lost. Why do children and animals do that? Trample on your feet? It’s so strange to do something …

Right, that’s it now – let me know if you find great bargains. I just saw that Soho Home has a sale, so I’ll see if I can find a light for the utility room!

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