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The Fresh Summer Sunscreen That Feels Barely There

Elizabeth Arden's Great 8 ™ Eight Hour® Moisturizer SPF35 for daily defense

I should focus on launching my app (The night foodit’s almost done!), but I could not afford a quick overview of Elizabeth Arden’s new SPF. because Great 8 hour moisturizer SPF35 for daily defense is absurdly beautiful. Incredibly light and fresh, quickly absorbed, but surprisingly moisturizing. I can not think of anything that I do not like about it, unless the (very subtle) fragrance is something you could not tolerate.

Outstanding SPF35 8 Hour Moisturizer for Daily Defense – or “Outstanding 8”, as it is called in the future, so I do not get RSI while typing – is the newest sunscreen for Elizabeth Arden’s small SPF family. You already have some pretty sturdy moisturizers with a wide range of protection on the go – the Eight-hour cream SPF50For example, with a rich and luxurious texture – but nothing is as fresh and invisible as the new launch.

Elizabeth Arden's Great 8 ™ Eight Hour® Moisturizer SPF35 for daily defense

Funny enough, one of my posts, which has been in the Drafts folder for a few weeks, was a review by Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50, a sunscreen that is so moisturizing that you can still feel the effect at the end of the day, but the new Great 8 I was so impressed that it jumped the queue.

The City Smart has a higher sun protection factor (SPF 50 compared to the Great Britain SPF 35) and a long-lasting moisturizing effect that dreams of dry skin, but the new Great 8 is just the ticket easy, So portable. I can only imagine very few sunscreens that would be comparable in feel and finish with this. It is a gel, but it does not dry, it is refreshing, but does not leave the skin taut. It just feels like you have nothing on.

But you obviously have something on. They wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, a very decent make-up foundation, and a shiny moisturizing moisturizer that helps control excessive oil production and protect against free radical damage and the effects of blue and infrared light. Multitasking at its best.

(When I write about sunscreen, I always feel a bit silly when I talk about blue light and infrared.) It sounds like we’re all standing around in physics labs shooting different beams of light on A-level science experiment, I’m sorry that we are so dense – and comment on that below with answers – but when are we exposed to infrared light in normal life – are not they using it for night vision goggles – is anyone standing over me watching me sleep with their night vision camera? UPDATE: Apparently we also get IR from the sun, so I feel stupid, thank goodness I spent all of my time doing scientific exams – a lot of good stuff that helped me!)

Elizabeth Arden's Great 8 ™ Eight Hour® Moisturizer SPF35 for daily defense

Very dry skin will probably still prefer Ardens City Smart about the new launch, but for everyone else, Great 8 is offering a very nice summer skincare deal on the table. It’s a breath of fresh air after some of the thicker creams I recently tested. Regardless of how sophisticated a formulation is, I still have the feeling of being covered in a thin layer of liquid chalk. And that I really, really want to scrub my face with a loofah. (Do not try this.) For Great 8, I’ll just apply and forget it’s working. Which is the best result? Now they just have to do it in one SPF50 …

I should probably address a special greeting to those who have a greasier skin and are struggling with sunscreen. if I I often have the feeling that I have to refuse my face when I wear certain sunglasses, then it must be a lot worse for you. Well, this Great 8 gel could be your thing. It has a slightly dull finish, but no boredom, oil control, but an extra moisturizing boost and that sacred, light texture we all long for (mostly) but without the stickiness or stickiness. Great 8 works hard to keep things balanced, yet feels luxurious and supple.

In short, anyone looking for a daily moisturizer with sunscreen wants something he can barely feel, who needs moisture, but hates greasiness, wants a product that sits well under the makeup, and has a fresh, cooling Texture that feels soothing on a summer’s day … look no further.

Visit FeelUnique to find Elizabeth Arden’s Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF35 (three years old since entering this product name) Here* and Amazon (authorized reseller) Here* – it’s £ 36. The City Smart SPF50 costs £ 55 Here*.

Further sun protection recommendations Herebut of special importance: Anthelios is great for oily skin and is very inexpensive, Murad makes this disturbing good, totally invisible SPF 30* that seems to have No recognizable texture And if you are looking for a (mostly) organic product then I really appreciate the Coola Classic Cucumber SPF30 as a face. I used it often last year and it’s fresh and light – more like Great 8! – with a non-greasy finish and a subtle smell. You can find it at Cult Beauty Here* 30 GBP.

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