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Why We’re Building An Extension

Georgian house renovation

Question: Is a part of the building still referred to as an extension, if something was before it? I thought about it because I have automatically referred to our new dining room as an extension, but is it? We’ve demolished one thing (a strange, sloppy outhouse) and build something bigger and completely different in its place. So what does that mean?

Nobody? Let’s stay with the extension.

I thought it was time to keep you informed about the construction work at home. I have the feeling that I am rather negligent in this regard. The truth is that I did not really think about it. It’s almost as if the whole thing is happening to someone else. I hear knocking and drilling behind the kitchen wall and I almost break my neck as I stumble across various temporary piping to get the chickens to bed, but otherwise no disturbance at all.

Georgian house renovation

Back before work …

Apart from financially natural. Because there is nothing financially more disturbing than having construction done. It’s worse than buying the house. At least if you buy something, it is a fixed price. As you build, you never know what to expect, and you cry hot tears through your online banking screen. Buried pipes, walls hiding old skeletons, rafters protecting bats. (Incidentally, I have no bats or skeletons, but it does happen.) The worst thing is, if you find an old artifact while digging – then the construction must be stopped and the people with the crew will descend to your garden from Time team and build huge tents and then spend years using a tiny chisel to remove the dust from their fossils with a toothbrush. God, how angry would that drive you? Imagine, you want to build your dream kitchen and an urn of 760 BC. Find it? I have to be honest, I probably would not tell anyone. Polish the urn and use it as a vase.)

So far it was relatively smooth. The demolition of the useless outhouse was fast and furious, and now we have the bare bones of the new structure, which is (to say the essential) a glass-covered box with grass roof.

Georgian house renovation

… After demolition of the annex building back

Now you may be wondering why the title of the building update is the way it is. Why are we building an extension?, Surely we build an extension for the same reason that most people build an extension – more space? Not quite. We build an extension because there is no connection to the garden. Once you are in the house, you have no chance anymore. I do not believe that the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors from outside is high on the Georgian priority list, so there is no place on the ground floor where you can really open a few doors and drink a cup of tea in the sun. or sit next to an open window and look at the children playing. It just is not that configured.

And I realize that this is not the end of the world and is obviously a “luxury issue”, but actually, if you’re used to having access to the garden – even if it’s just your kitchen door. Go straight to yours Terrace, so you can easily set up a small table and throw a few plates on it and spontaneously have lunch outdoors – It feels pretty stifling. So, I suppose, the big trend is for people to equip their homes with a glass end wall with kitchen / dining extensions – bring the outside in, make them bright, count your garden as extra space.

Anyway, we bought the house because the planning for the extension already existed, so this was always an option. We were back in the planning because we wanted to add more glass and take out some bag walls, but basically we do what was always part of the master plan. Add an everyday “area” that has glass sides that can be fully opened to the elements and create a stronger connection to the garden.

I write all that and suddenly realize that you’ll hear everything in the video again, so I’ll stop now. I’m going to do a little series about the construction work – the next one will show a plan of the room and talk about how it’s done and what choices we have to make – but this one looks at the beginnings and the basics. Architect, planner, builder and costs.

So press “Play”, go ahead and apologize for the noise in the last few sections of the video. Mr. AMR turned on the sprinkler system to sleep in his lawn around the trampoline. No euphemism, but if anything, a sentence should be one …

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